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Another Cool Thing

I just learned from Sitemeter that more than 10% of my readerers (yes,
that IS more than one person, thank you!) are from the eastern
hemisphere, with 8% from East Asia.


I'm also closing in on 2000 total page visits! After only being
existence for 9 months or so, I'm almost reaching a total viewership that
Instapundit gets in 3.2 minutes.


How can I increase hits....let's see.........

Instapundit instapundit instapundit instapundit instapundit

That might help.

It seems to me that if you really want to get random viewers to stop
by, you should use the same sort of techniques that bar bands use to get
people in off the street. Names like: 'Free Beer" and "Bare Naked

Today only! Free internet domains! Take your useless quiz detaling
what kind of tree fungus you are here! (not really).

Angst-ridden complaints about how I'm depressed! Categorical
statements that saying anything remotely critical of homosexuality or
pro-abortion activists is Intolerant and Hate Speech and those who make such
anti-liberal/tolerant pronouncements should be thrown in jail, killed, or

Why are you looking at me funny? That's what's on most of the other sites I stumble across.

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Google Hits

I don't usually check the referral stats from sitemeter. It was never
that interesting. Being bored, I looked today. My favorite?


Mind you, I don't approve of purposely hurting cats or any other
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Dinosaurs were big-boned, put down the twinkie!

Yeah, there are people who can't lose weight. But they are few and far

Full disclosure: I'm at least 20 pounds overweight. I'm at least 7
pounds over my maximum weight for the military. I'm pretty big-boned, so
I don't look fat, just bulky. But I'm overweight. I admit.
And I have a hard time taking it off.

Sure, my metabolism has slowed since I was younger. So what? It's still my fault.

As our nation grows more and more obese (comparing the chart of
states of percentages of population that is obese from 1985 to 2000 is
just scary), it is time to face some facts: eating/drinking too much of
sugary, high-fat foods makes you fat. Lack of willpower to limit eating
or to increase exercise exacerbates the situation. I have both of
those problems.

But I'm losing weight. Slowly. I'm trying to do 75 push-ups a day and
drink only water and iced tea. I lose about 1.5 pounds each week.
It's frustrating that you can gain 4 pounds in one week without even
thinking about, but it takes 3 weeks of hard work and self-denial to lose it
back. But them's the breaks. Life is full of choices in which a
moment of indulgence leads to days of pain or discomfort.

Aside: one of the worst ratios is sex: it is truly unfair that one
moment of giving in can result in being responsible for the health and
wellbeing of another individual for years...on the other hand, I've
never heard anyone say that getting them fat gave them someone to love
unconditionally, nor that they were proud of their fat for going to
college and getting a job...

But anyway, this is all just a long pre-amble to one of the more
sensible posts about weight loss that I've seen:


You'll have to click on HER link (and get a subscription to the WSJ) to
view the original article.
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The Part That Got Ignored

...in the rush to crucify Sen. Santorum:

The right to privacy is a right that was created in a law that set
forth a (ban on) rights to limit individual passions. And I don't agree
with that. So I would make the argument that with President, or Senator or
Congressman or whoever Santorum, I would put it back to where it is,
the democratic process. If New York doesn't want sodomy laws, if the
people of New York want abortion, fine. I mean, I wouldn't agree with it,
but that's their right. But I don't agree with the Supreme Court coming

Once you get away from all the hysteria and taking quotes out of
context, there's the whole point. He insists that no person has a right to
declare a presonal privacy zone that allows unfettered actions. That
since every person is a part of society, everything a person does affects
society, and society has a right to limit any action, if it chooses. I
agree completely. I personally disagree with him on where that line
should be drawn, but I agree completely that lines should be drawn. If
not, then murder, rape, and torture are completely legal between
consenting adults...all that takes is a forged signature or a learned pattern
of being a victim. NAMBLA could then push to relax the standard of
what is considered 'adult consent'.

to original transcript

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Gotta quote this

From Asymmetrical Information

I've heard a fair amount of noise on what is apparently the new
Democratic Party line to explain why the Bush tax cuts are bad, but all the
spending they want to do is good. To wit: "Well, spending is okay,
because it's temporary stimulus. Tax cuts are bad because they cause
permanent fiscal havoc."

This is a very, very silly argument. I was gratified to see a friend
who is both a professional economics person, and a raging liberal, look
across the table at the person who offered the argument, blink twice,
and say "Damn, that's stupider than anything the Republicans ever thought

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Self Admission

I probably come across as too mean-spirited to ever hit the mainstream like Jane Galt, Steven Den Beste, or Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit, I don't know.

I'm really not that bad. I have been described by several (more than 5) people as THE nicest guy they've ever met. I debate from thought, philosophy, and thinking, not from action. My views on homosexuality would never be followed up with beating anyone up, nor would I support restrictive laws against homosexuality. I don't usually accuse anyone of being sub-human, or dismiss their arguments as hate-speech, or call names, or anything, even in retaliation. My views are simply the things I believe, and I will always try to present my views with as much information, logic, evidence, data, and description as I can to back my views up. I've found that when I stop at other people's sites, I tend to get riled up a little more than I do here. Usually.
But I respect everyone's right to speak and share opinions. I might reject your premise, or process, or conclusion, but that doesn't mean I reject you.
Take, for instance, my good buddy Jo over at Seething, er, Commentary du Jour (THIS isn't Commentary du Jour! I had the Commentary Du Jour yesterday and it was Chicken Noodle, not French Onion----okay, old bad joke). In thinking, we are remarkably similar. When we tried to do a point/counterpoint once on abortion, we ended up being agreeing on most major points. But when it comes down to policy, we disagree almost completely. She still believes the people of the Democratic party outweigh the corruption of the leadership, whereas I don't. Who's to say whom is correct? But we've had some great discussions.

I hope that I can develop the same rapport with some of my other visitors (when I have them) of opposite political views. What I enjoy most is hearing other logical, highly developed points of view. I may never agree, but I will deeply respect you. For instance, in one debate, I was told my logic and evidence were hopelessly pre-60s. The opponent refuted my assertions with studies done in the late 60s and early 70s. I responded with studies done in 1992 thru 1994, which were rejected since they were hopelessly outdated, being 10 or so years old...and yet the same individual never provided any new refutation of anything more recent. Yes, s/he was using 1970s evidence to contradict my hopelessly dated 1990s info. You can draw your own conclusions. You can dig through my archives and see if I interpreted the interchange correctly.

See, nothing is off limits. The most important aspect is the free exchange of ideas. I get worked up on other people's sites because I feel frustrated when I encounter deliberate misinterpretations, semantic shifts, half-truths, distortions, but when I try to point them out to keep the discussion honest, I encounter hostility and often vilification. I firmly believe I don't do that here. Brain Fertilizer. Alternatively translated as Crap-for-brains, but the intent is to actually provide fertile ground for the growth of thought. Even if it is thought you don't agree with.

Stifling thought and opinion is the work of fascists, or those who aren't confident in their own belief system.
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Liberals condemn a Catholic Bishop for insisting a liberal hold to a
Catholic standard to call himself a Catholic; yet insist that Judicial
candidates endorse abortion rights to be judicial candidates.
Liberals condemn Sen. Lott for remarks that imply racism, yet don't
condem Rep. Moran, Sen. Byrd, Sen. Kerry, Sen. Kennedy for similar
Liberals condemn Sen. Santorum for remarks commenting on legal
ramifications, yet defend NOW Chapter President Mavra Stark for doing the same
Liberals complain about questionable actions of the Federal Supreme
Court in upholding existing law, but applaud even more questionable
torturings of law by the Supreme Courts of Florida and New Jersey.
The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC,
NPR, and PBS are all unbiased; Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are part of the
vast right wing conspiracy to squash all liberal discourse.
I'm beginning to sense a trend: Liberals can say and do what they want
without consequences, conservatives can't.
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From the 'Abandon All Sense For Ideology' File :

The head of the National Organization for Women's Morris County chapter
is opposing a double-murder charge in the Laci Peterson case, saying it
could provide ammunition to the pro-life lobby.

"If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted,
they could call it murder," Morris County NOW President Mavra Stark said
on Saturday.


Maybe they should change their name to the National Organization of
Abortionists, since they don't care about women in general. See, the
whole point of a murder charge for causing the death of a late term fetus
is that there have been cases of men who have beaten and kicked women in
the stomach to kill the fetus or cause a miscarriage. Before, that
could only result in an assault charge. Which, thanks to the liberal
lobby, are pretty minor charges.

So Ms Stark would rather allow these sort of murderers to get away with
a slap on the wrist in order to advance the agenda of abortions at any
time under any circumstance.


If you are currently supporting NOW, perhaps you should stop. If not,
at least set them straight on this issue. If you agree with Ms. Stark,
I will pray that your humanity is restored soon.
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What you get when you disarm the law-abiding populace


Thanks to Isntapundit (not Instawhosit) over there in my blogroll (too lazy to add the link here)
It was only after I had returned home that I started to
become angry. How could three men, in full view of cameras and customers,
pull off such a thing and think they could get away with it?

The answer is simple: because they can. The thieves and muggers that
plague London know better than anyone that the police are just too busy
to bother with plain old theft. Perhaps I should have got myself stabbed
or shot.

The manager of the garage confirmed what local thieves already know.
This was the third incident of its kind in the last month - the first
time a car was stolen, then it was a mobile phone from an unlocked vehicle
and now my briefcase. The police only bothered to turn up once.

The following afternoon, having heard nothing from Ealing police, I
called them myself. The officer on the crime desk was again apologetic. My
case, she said, had been marked "non-urgent" and passed to the
telephone statement team, but there was quite a backlog. It would be two to
three days. I wondered if anyone had been to the garage to check the CCTV,
or even knocked on the door of the registered owner of E487 REP?