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So you don't surf the web for porn, you have your "cookies" function turned off, you use some sort of internet cleaner to prevent trackers, you've changed the address on your blog to using the words '--at--' and '--dot--' to foil webbots scanning for addresses on webpages...and still you get inordinate amounts of spam!! How can this be?!?!

Well, look no further than your email inbox.

See all those letters from friends and family, forwarding cute jokes and internet petitions and 'friendship hugs'? That's your culprit.

Next time you open a forwarded letter, notice the amazing number of addresses shown in the space above the message. Think for a moment of the 30, 40, 50, 100 or more people that also received the email. Think about it bouncing around the internet to all sorts of people you've never heard of. What if the message has a hidden function on it to email it back to the original sender once it collects a few thousand email addresses...and if this person were someone who sold lists of addresses to spammers for cash. It might not happen exactly that way. Maybe there's some sort of algorithm that makes it likely the starter of these little forwarded messages eventually receives it from another friend after it bounces around for a while. It's not hard to imagine...make alot of internet friends, and you tend to get lots of that sort of junk.

But I'm virtually certain that's how spammers get lists with which to do their spamming.

So how can you stop or delay it? Stop forwarding? No. That's not necessary. I am happy I'm on my uncle's mass mailing list, because I get some good things I would never have the chance to read otherwise. Call it an informed sacrifice. But if you turn off the function that includes the original message (including address headers) when you forward messages, it is quite simple to just 'copy and paste' the actual message text, and thus prevent the dissemination of addresses. Another thing you can do is put all your email addresses in the BCC: line when sending out mass mailings. Then no one knows who you sent it to besides them...and they can't glean email addresses 'for fun and profit' or anything.

These are just suggestions....think about it. Maybe we can do something to make things harder for the spammers, because they certainly are making it harder for us.
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My New Babies

Nope, no sudden conception and birth of twins or anything.

Last night I purchased a Swiss Schmidt-Rubin K-31 7.5x55mm rifle, and a
Russian Mosin-Nagant 91/30 rifle. I got both of them for less than
$300 total. The K31 was made in 1943, one of 58,000. I'm still
researching the 91/30, but I know for sure it was manufactured after 1928...but
probably before the end of WWII. If so, it was almost certainly used
in WWII.

I'm pretty excited. If I'd caught this bug a few years ago, I could
have gotten another wonderful weapon, the Swedish Carl Gustav 6.5mm Mauser
for less than $90. The surplus has been all bought up, however, so now
you can't get one in firing condition for less than $270 or so. And
the price should just continue to climb as more shooters discover the joy
that is the Swedish Mauser. So I'm glad I got the K31 while it is
still inexpensive. The 91/30 was one out of a total of at least 20 million
made, so it should stay cheap for years to come...except that it seems
mine might be in above average condition, meaning it could soon get
more expensive to find one as good as the one I got.

I will still buy the Swedish Mauser soon. And I will do my best to get
a Tokarev SVT40, an M-14, probably a Mosin Nagant M44 and/or M38.
Basically, I plan on getting to know the guns I have and slowly (one every
6-12 months) buying more old pre-WWII military surplus rifles anytime
and anywhere I can find them in excellent condition for under $150.
Sure, the Mauser, M-14, and Tokarev aren't that cheap, but these are
special ones I want to own.

I still need to get my rifles checked out by a gunsmith for safety,
then clean 'em up...but then it's off to the shooting range! From
everything I've heard, I may end up loving my K31 too much.

Alot of my information and bias came from Kim du Toit, someone I'm
going to be linking too in the next few days. Whether you are pro-gun or
anti-, you should go check out what he has to say about the 2nd
Amendment. It will either help strengthen your arguments in favor of guns or
let you know what you are up against if you hate 'em. But he puts his
case forward succinctly, clearly, logically, and persuasively (to those
who still have an open mind, that is).

For those of you who already like guns, check out his "Gratuitous Gun
Pics". It actually talks about each gun, rather than just being
pictures. Read about my two new weapons, if you are interested.

I'll probably end up hunting with the K31 this fall or the next. Until
then, I'm going to have a blast just going out shooting. WooHoo!