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This bothers me

I nearly decided to let this blog die. I haven't had the heart to blog much since returning from being overseas. I seem to have lost contact with most of the people who were visiting initially. I used to get emails, engage in lively debates...

Part of the problem is I just don't have as much time these days. Part of the problem is I took some time off to be with my family, and then almost immediately took a vacation to China, losing many readers.

But then I read about Sen. Patty Murray. She burns me. Ooh!. Don't get me started!

Too late. I read how several issues have been kept alive by bloggers. I know very few people read this blog, and of those who do, I doubt any will be voting in Washington state in 2004.

But if you are, please don't vote for Sen. Patty Murray. It's bad enough that she lost in 49 of 52 counties, yet still gained enough votes from the liberal enclaves in Seattle to be one of our Senators. But then she spouts this crap about Osama bin Laden.

For those of you not familiar with what she said, I'll sum it up. Basically, she said that the US is losing the PR battle overseas because all we ever do is drop bombs on countries. She went on to say that instead, we should emulate Mr. bin Laden, who engages in funding all sorts of civic improvements, like roads and daycares and hospitals and schools. She actually said that the US NEVER does anything like that.

Hello? Day care facilities??? Is she THAT clueless? Day care facilities are only found in places where women are allowed to work, something bin Laden vehemently opposes. The evil of females being independent of wifely chores like watching children is one of the reasons he arranged for two aircraft to fly into the WTC buildings. Not to mention that we are engaging in far more civic improvements in Afghanistan than bin Laden ever dreamed of. We are digging wells, building hospitals, roads, etc. We have done much the same all over Africa (although not enough, granted...but we ARE helping) and South America and Asia.

Stupidity should be rewarded with being voted out of office.

Right now, it sure seems like the main difference between Democrat and Republican is that Democrats never have to pay the price for their stupid statements or actions.